Novae field trips offer a monthly opportunity to get out of the office and meet entrepreneurs or innovators in their work environment.

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These exclusive sessions (20 participants max.) give you front-row access to the best ideas, from their conception to their results! They also give you a chance to speak with people whose initiatives are among the most innovative and generous in terms of impact!

Thanks to the Novae team’s selections, this format allows you to meet the new players in the positive and engaged economy, to dissect new business models, meet inspiring people, and hopefully keep the conversation going for your own future projects!


Meet, see, talk
Meet some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, creators and influencers
See where their ideas come from and how they evolve
Talk with them about the vision for their business, innovation and social impact

In a nutshell, a Novae field trip consists in:

  • A morning tour and talk (9:00 – 11:30) that takes you out of the office gives you insight into an organization’s innovative and entrepreneurial culture
  • A special one-of-a-kind meeting with an entrepreneur/creator
  • An exclusive group (20 people max.) to encourage productive and inspiring discussions
  • A different location each time, since we meet at the offices of the featured company

Previous Novae field trips have visited AlévoleRayside/Labossière, BalécoHhTéo Taxi, Electrobac and Jarre.


Who are the field trips for and why?
The Novae field trips are for anyone inspired by social innovation and new business models: entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, engaged citizens and students…

Come get inspired by innovative and refreshing ideas about entrepreneurial enterprises and social innovation.
Meet the people behind these innovations, learn about their journey and their vision.

Typical schedule:
9:00: Participants arrive
9:15: Presentation by the entrepreneur: their background, idea, vision and business
9:45: Tour and presentation of the company’s key elements
10:45: Questions, discussion, advice
11:30: Conclusion


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Novae field trip last May at Téo Taxi.