The mission of MOUVEMENT is to encourage and help create new social innovation initiatives in Quebec.

Project eligibility

  • The project must demonstrate an innovative approach and generate tangible benefits to the environment or society
  • The winning project must be completed in Quebec within 12 months of the results being announced, meaning by february 2018 at the latest
  • The project must be a new initiative; if the project had already been worked on in the past, the application must clearly show what is innovative about this new phase

Candidate eligibility

  • The candidate may be an individual or an organization with fewer than 20 employees: entrepreneur, start-up, individual citizen or group of citizens, community organization, SMB, etc.
  • All individuals must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, 18 years of age or older; organizations must have an official address in Quebec
  • An application form must be completed for each project, including a video (maximum of one minute in length) in which the candidate presents their project in front of the camera. This video can be made using a smart phone; no special editing is required. The video must be included with the application via a link to a YouTube or Vimeo type of service

Participants’ commitments 

  • A spokesperson for each project must be clearly identified on the application: if the project is selected as a finalist, this person will act as the official representative for the project at the various stages of the Movement contest, including the coaching session and final pitch
  • If selected as a finalist, the candidate also commits to participate in the coaching session, which will take place in Montreal on January 19 & 20. Participation in this session is mandatory in order to remain in contention
  • The candidate agrees to share their experience of the process (photos, video, texts) and accepts that Novae may use some or all of these elements in their communications about Mouvement
  • The candidate agrees to be photographed, filmed and interviewed for articles, videos or any other documentation Novae may produce throughout the Mouvement contest, the rights of which will be the exclusive property of Novae

The Mouvement process

  • Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on November 28.
  • Between November 29 and December 5, the jury will select 10 finalists from the completed applications
  • In the week of December 5, the finalists will be presented online at Novae.ca and submitted for voting by the public.
  • On January 19-20, the 10 finalists will participate in two days of networking and coaching with Movement’s expert partners
  • Mid-February, during the special MOUVEMENT event, and after the final pitch, the jury members will vote for their favourite project, which will win the Loto-Québec prize; the results of the public vote will be included in this count as well. The other prizes (coups de coeur Cascades, SAQ and Keurig) will also be awarded

Jury evaluation criteria

The jury will evaluate the projects submitted based on the following four major criteria:

  • Does the project adequately address an environmental or social issue? Is the project innovative?
  • Are the intended impacts and results relevant and concrete; can the same be said for the scope of the project (target audience, geographic region, etc.)?
  • Is the viability (structural, organizational, financial) of the project and/or project leader demonstrated?
  • How will winning this contest help this project to be completed (does the intended use of the $10,000 prize seem sound?)

The jury

Coming soon.


By entering a project in the MOUVEMENT contest, the person responsible for the application agrees that the jury’s decisions are final and without appeal. The candidate certifies that they have obtained all of the authorizations or exemptions related to the constituents and parts of the project entered in MOUVEMENT. The participants authorize Novae and its partners to use the materials provided for any publication on their websites, as promotional tools for the contest or for news reports in any other publications.

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