Founded in 2006, Novae is the go-to resource for all professionals and influencers in the positive and engaged economy. Our online publications, contests and conferences offer invaluable opportunities for learning about the most creative ideas and inspirations from the perspective of social innovation and sustainable development.


Novae began with a somewhat crazy idea: to connect with professionals concerned about the environmental and social challenges facing the early 21st century, and help them slowly but surely transform their businesses so they could confront these challenges in a positive way. In short, we wanted to build a community of concerned and informed professionals, and be a catalyst for inspiring and mobilizing each of them.

This was back in 2006. Montreal had just hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the terms Environment, Social and Business Innovation seemed incompatible, and the role of Business was still relatively absent from these debates.

Fast forward ten years, to the era of collaborative innovation and social entrepreneurship. Novae is now more than ever an authoritative resource for everyone (business leaders, environmentalists, social entrepreneurs, scholars, concerned citizens/consumers…) taking part in this big adventure: to make our businesses drivers of positive innovation that are both successful and engaged in their communities.

Our expertise is information, communication. We are a one-of-a-kind, consistent link between all these influencers. For them, and with them, we are always on the hunt for the most daring entrepreneurs, the most inspiring projects and the most positive grassroots initiatives so that hundreds of others can be inspired in turn. With this same objective in mind, each of our events, held in venues that are out-of-the-ordinary and conscientiously chosen, brings together the most inspiring personalities of our time– philosophers such as Emmanuel Jaffelin, iconic entrepreneurs like Vincent Stanley of Patagonia or prominent researchers like Jarmo Suominen, from MIT.

Neutral and independent, we work with everyone who shares our vision: that today, in the 21st century, the economy – and by extension all economic stakeholders, businesses, institutions, consumers… – must be positive and engaged. Furthermore, in financing our projects, we work in partnership with the most advanced and engaged like-minded companies. From the sponsors of our events, to the ads on our various platforms, to the creation of specialized materials: as a media outlet, we’re the point of contact between these engaged brands, the experts behind these social innovations and our informed readers.

This is Novae. An accelerator of innovation and inspiration that helps bring people, the planet and businesses together.

Welcome. We’re happy you’re here.