The problem of soaring energy consumption caused by our many electronic devices prompted a Canadian company to create a smart solar charger.

According to scientific consensus, the negative impacts of climate change are already being felt around the world. For this reason, Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) has decided to dedicate its 2017 Agents of Change acceleration program to entrepreneurs working on concrete solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One of the 20 companies selected is Better Current, a young company that developed JENNi, which it describes as the world’s first smart solar charger for home use. It consists in a battery case with a solar panel that uses the sun’s energy to efficiently charge electronic devices (computers, tablets, smart phones).  

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Placed close to a window, JENNi captures the sun’s rays through its solar panel; an internal computer automatically controls the energy supply based on the availability of sun and time of day, helping users get the most out of their energy, which can be used in real-time or stored for later. It also includes an interface allowing users to build their own smart home. Its mobile app enables users to keep track of how much energy they have available, how much they’re using, as well as the impacts they’re having on the planet and their own wallet.

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According to Better Current, JENNi can recharge a smart phone in under 2 hours. At the end of June, the start-up will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to develop various models of JENNi, which are currently available on a pre-order basis only.


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