David Suzuki fellowships: $50,000 to help train the next generation of leaders

Par Marie Allimann | 7 novembre 2016 | NGO

The David Suzuki Foundation is launching a fellowship program to help three young scientists work on solving complex environmental challenges.

The organization is offering three annual fellowships of $50,000 plus $5,000 to cover travel expenses, as well as office space and a computer to young researchers. The three fellows will work in the Foundation’s Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal offices, where they’ll research climate change solutions related to renewable energy, Indigenous knowledge and transportation.

“When I was accepted into Amherst College in Massachusetts in the 1950s, a healthy scholarship made attending possible,” said David Suzuki. “I did an honours degree in biology, and then I went to the University of Chicago, where I received a large scholarship that helped me finish my PhD in three years. I understand the value of help and financial support for students and academics who want to put their education to good use.”

Supervised by Foundation staff and mentors, each fellow will be responsible for leading a one-year research project and contributing to the work and initiatives of the Foundation. The fellows will also learn communication and public engagement strategies that will allow them to better share and promote the results of their research. During this inaugural year of the program, the three fellows will work on finding solutions to climate change to accelerate Canada’s transition to a low-carbon future. More specifically, the Vancouver fellow will research innovative solutions related to aspects of renewable energy economics, the Toronto fellow will work on integrating traditional Indigenous knowledge into research on climate change solutions, and the Montreal fellow will focus on transportation-related issues on a regional and national scale.

These fellowships are open to Canadian citizens, or those with work visas, with a Master’s degree or PhD, or in the final year of a PhD. Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2017.



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